Welcome to the St. Louis Area City Management Association (SLACMA) webpage. SLACMA is a professional organization of local government administrators in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. The mission of our organization is to improve the quality of local government in our region by  providing opportunities for professional development, personal support, and  information sharing for our members.


The St. Louis Area City Management Association is strongly committed to promoting ethical behavior among its members. The Association fully subscribes to the Code of Ethics of the International City County Management Association as its standard for ethical behavior for Association members.

ICMA members adhere to the principles of the ICMA Code of Ethics, developed in 1924, as a condition of membership and agree to submit to a peer-to-peer review of their conduct under established enforcement procedures. ICMA Code of Ethics most recently amended by the membership in 1998 to reflect changes in the profession, includes Guidelines to assist members in applying the principles outlined in the Code. The Guidelines were adopted by the ICMA Executive Board in 1972 and most recently revised in July 2004. Individuals seeking advice on ethics issues or enforcement are encouraged to contact Martha Perego, ICMA's director of ethics at (202)962-3668 or email mperego@icma.org.

ICMA has established an enforcement mechanism for its Code of Ethics to hold ICMA members accountable for adherence to defined standards of ethical behavior for public officials.

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