Welcome to the St. Louis Area City Management Association (SLACMA) webpage. SLACMA is a professional organization of local government administrators in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. The mission of our organization is to improve the quality of local government in our region by  providing opportunities for professional development, personal support, and  information sharing for our members.

Why Hire a Manager?

The Benefits of Professional Management

  • The appointed manager or administrator is charged with carrying out the policies established by the elected officials, and with delivering public services efficiently, effectively, and equitably.  Elected officials, in turn, have more time to concentrate on creating a vision for the community’s future.
  • Day-to-day operations are managed by a professional who is educated and trained in current city and town management practices, state and federal laws and mandates, and cost-effective service delivery techniques.
  • Responsiveness to citizens is enhanced by centralizing administrative accountability in an individual appointed by the elected governing body. City and town managers or administrators are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the elected legislative body. They generally do not have guaranteed terms of office or tenure. They are evaluated based on their responsiveness to the elected legislative body and community, and on their ability to provide efficient and effective services.  If the administrator is not responsive to the elected officials, s/he may be terminated at any time.  In that sense, the manager's or administrator’s responsiveness is tested daily.
  • Professional managers or administrators bring technical knowledge, experience, academic training, management expertise, and dedication to public service.

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